2020 Salmon Forecasts Are In

Coho down 27%, Chinook -5% from 2019.

According to a report released today by the WDFW, “523,500 wild and hatchery coho are expected to return to Puget Sound this year, representing another decline from 2019 when 737,600 were predicted to return. Projected declines for Chinook in Puget Sound aren’t quite as drastic, with about 256,800 Chinook expected to return to the region, a dip of about 12,000 from last year’s prediction.”

If ever there were a time to take action, it’s now. Organizations like Trout Unlimited, despite the moniker, are just as concerned about healthy salmon populations and habitat as they are trout.

If you’d like to be a part of our renewed efforts to help local fish populations, come to our meeting next week or send us an email (info@seattlecascadetu.org) with ideas.

We will be posting information about upcoming activities on this website, so stay tuned.