Fly Tying Social – 4/16/20 from 6 to 8 pm.

We’re hosting an online fly-tying social!

The bars and restaurants may be shut down, and we may not be able to get within 6′ of each other, but thanks to Zoom and the power of the internet you can join us from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the food and beverages of your choice.

We’ll be featuring two different flies; Nothing With A Vengence and a Wooly Bugger, but feel free to tie one, both, something completely different, or nothing at all. The idea is to hang out and have fun.

We will be tying two “featured” flies you may follow along with or learn with us, but feel free to tie (or not tie) any flies you’d like as the evening progresses.

Even if you can’t make the whole event, please come for the part you can. Space is limited to the first 40 participants, so if you’d like to attend send us an email at We’ll save you a spot and send you details and instructions as we get closer to the event.

Featured Fly #1: Nothing – With a Vengence

Originally this fly was designed and tied by Jim Koolick, of Seattle, who writes that “I fish this fly off the Puget Sound beaches using a rapid, short-stroke retrieve. The Nothing – With an Attitude entices coho salmon and has accounted for a variety of flounder and rockfish.”

Jim’s original recipe calls for the following, but we will be featuring a variant you may find simpler to tie.

Original Recipe (with our annotations and suggestions):

Hook: Tiemco, saltwater, size 4 to 8. (Ahrex NS122 #6 or #8 work well and are much cheaper)

Thread: Black 8/0 (6/0 can also be used)

Tail: Polar Flash, Pearl. (Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator in Pearl Baitfish makes this fly even easier to tie)

Body: Spirit River New Age Volcano chenille, hot pink, 1-1 1/2 turns (WAPSI orange chenille, or Hareline fluorescent nylon chenille in fire orange, orange, or shell pink also work very well)

Hackle: Polar Flash, Pearl. (Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator in Pearl Baitfish makes this fly even easier to tie)

Head: Thread base covers front 1/3 of hook shank. Extend Polar Flash 1/3 longer than hook shank. After tying in the hackle, finish off the head bullet style.

Featured Fly #2: Wooly Bugger

There are many, many variants and recipes for wooly buggers. Effective colors in Washington State include white, olive, and black.

Here is a simple wooly bugger recipe we will be featuring:

Hook: 4X-long streamer hook (for example, a Dai-Riki #700), size 2-12. 

Bead: Gold, 5/32-inch. 

Thread: Brown/Black/White/Olive, 6/0 or 140 denier.

Weight: Copper or Lead-free wire, .02.

Tail: Brown/Black/White/Olive marabou blood quill, tips removed.

Body: Brown/Black/White/Olive chenille.

Hackle: Brown/Black/White/Olive rooster hackle.

Adhesive: Head cement (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails or any clear nail polish)

Lacking materials? Support Local Fly Shops!

We’ve talked with local fly shops The Avid Angler and Pacific Fly Fishers and not only do they have the materials (or equivalents) you’ll need, they’d love to ship them to you. They’re here for you, so let’s be there for them–give them your support and your order.

Stay home, stay safe, and join us 4/16 at 6 pm for some fly-tying fun.