What Are Your Thoughts on the Fishing Ban?

Many anglers feel fishing can be done responsibly, so here is information on who to contact if you’d like to weigh in with your opinion and suggestions. As a chapter we haven’t, and don’t plan to, adopt an official position on this situation but we are an advocacy group we are here to help you get your voice heard–whatever that voice is. Venting is good and healthy, but so to is contacting the folks who make the laws and decisions and effecting change. Here’s who and how:

Background information:
On March 25th, Governor Inslee issued a ban on recreational fishing in Washington State as part of the “Stay Home, Stay Heatlhy” mandates. This ban was originally through April 8th, but has been extended to “at least May 4th”. Washington State continues to be the only state in the U.S. that has banned all recreational/sport fishing.