7/23 Tying Event: Chubby Chernobyls

Join us Thursday July 23rd from 6-8pm (PST) via Zoom as we tie Chubby Chernobyls with SCTU Vice President David Kopij. All are welcome, so use this link to join us:


What You’ll Need:

Hook: 3X-long dry or nymph hook, size 6-10. A “down-eye” hook is often preferable as it makes it a little easier to tie the fly onto your tippet. TMC 5263 are a great hook for this pattern.

Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier, color to suit chosen colors.

Tail: Pearl Krystal Flashpheasant tail fiberssquirrel tail, or bucktail.

Underbody: 2mm Craft Foam. Usually a lighter color than the top color.

OPTIONAL Adhesive: Zap-a-gap, Fly Tyers Z-Ment, superglue…

Body: Your choice of dubbing. Flat braid to match the underbody can be fun, too.

Overbody: 2mm Craft Foam. Usually a darker color than the bottom color.

Legs: Round rubber legs. Your choice of color.

Wings: Widow’s Web or Polypropelene

OPTIONAL Hackle: Grizzly dry fly hackle. Dry fly hackle is stiffer and gives more movement, etc on the water. Thanks to the foam, though, you could get by with the same hackle used for wooly buggers.