An Awesome Evening with Spawn Fly Fish

On November 11, from 6 to 8pm PST, Josh Phillips of Spawn Fly Fish joined us via Zoom to talk fishing, tying, and to teach us his rainbow smolt pattern. Missed it? Watch the video on our Facebook page:


Josh Phillips is the owner and president of the Washington-based Spawn Fly Fish company, and the design genius behind the awesome and innovative Spawn Fly Fish fly tying materials such as the Spawn Fish Heads and Spawn UV Simi Seal dubbing.

Josh will be showcasing some of his company’s products and teaching us how to tie a very effective Rainbow Smolt pattern that has fooled a wide variety of river, saltwater, and lake species throughout the Pacific Northwest and throughout the Colorado Rockies. Really, it’s perfect for any body of water and any species where small bait are on the menu.

In addition to designing and selling their own fly tying materials, Spawn is a full-feature online fly fishing shop that is in the process of opening a physical storefront in Ilwaco, WA. In the meantime you can check out Spawn’;s website at or on Instagram and Facebook. Spawn also maintains an active blog with reviews, tying instructions, and a host of other information.

Why Spawn?

Spawn Fly Fish is a local company that is growing and expanding at a time when other companies are retreating and retracting. Spawn actively partners with conservation groups such as our chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition. If you need a third reason, come meet Josh on November 11th at 6 pm. We’re sure you’ll enjoy talking with and learning from him.

What You’ll Need:

You may find substitutions will work okay, but if you’d like to show your support and appreciation to Josh for his time, expertise, and information on November 11th, please use the links below to order  materials. Plus, your fly will stand a better chance of looking like Josh’s if you use the same materials.